I thought it might be helpful to do a weekly roundup of content on all for my blog.  So, cheers to the first “IN CASE YOU MISSED IT” or “ICYMI!”


You may already know, but I have a YouTube channel.  I’m having the best time filming and posting different content over on my channel.  You can find me here – my name is justglowfirefly. 

I posted 5 videos last week! I KNOW!  It was so fun!  I’ll link all of the videos below in case you missed them!

The first part of my Empties! Makeup empties are coming next week! This was so fun to go through. Some were good, some weren’t, but I am glad I was able to try them!

This By Terry palette had been on my wishlist for a long time and I finally hit the order button to purchase it! I am glad I did, because I love the color story. Check out my review here!

Spring lip shades are some of my favorites! Well, who are we kidding, lip products are some of my favorites! I love a good lipstick, gloss, liner… all the things! In need of inspiration for a fun Spring lip color? I’ve rounded up a few and I hope it helps!

Sephora Spring Sale Haul!!!! One of my favorite videos to film! Check out to see what I picked up!

Have you heard about Tower 28 Beauty? I’ve been hearing some about this brand and I had to check it out for myself. It’s clean at Sephora, pretty affordable, and I thoroughly enjoyed trying the products. Check out my video to see a try-on, swatches and my first impressions!


I have the best time on Instagram. You can find me @justglowfirefly there. I love chit chatting with you all about all things beauty and life. Here are a few fun highlights from the week:

Trunk Club Try-On!

Oh boy. This was a big miss. I love getting Trunk Club boxes in the mail, because I always find some great pieces that were picked by my stylist. Unfortunately, this time around, it didn’t work out so well. It’s ok though, because I still had a blast trying it on!

A DUPE! for Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk and Pillow Talk 2 Lip Liners?

Y’all! I think we found a dupe for these lip liners! The Milani lip liner in Nude is the perfect in between shade! I stumbled upon this when I was playing with makeup on my stories! I love it when that happens!!!

It was such a fun week! I love chatting with y’all about all things beauty! Thanks for supporting me and always being so fun!

Lots of love!


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