A.G.E. Stop Bio Oxygen Sleeping Mask Review

Can I just tell you that I am not normally a “sleeping mask” girl? I don’t know… it’s just kind of hard for me to find one I like. I’ve tried a few here and there, and they just didn’t work out. This one, however, surprised me.

Age Stop Switzerland is a company that basis their products on plant stem cells and the discovery of Snow Algae Powder. Sounds interesting, right?

This powder has been proven to rejuvenate skin cells. More information on the science can be found here: http://www.snow-algae.com/efficacy/preserving-collagen.html.

So, what is this product? A Hydro Glow Bio Oxygen Fusion Sleeping Mask?

YES! This sleeping mask is a super hydrating gel-like cream… (does that make sense?!). It is blue. It claims to lift, smooth, plump, and firm!

I really enjoy this product. It is so, so hydrating, which is amazing for my dry skin. The cream glides on top of serums and other products nicely without peeling. I find that it also isn’t sticky at all, but it does feel like I have a thin, protective layer on my skin. It is kind of neat.

From AgeStop’s website, “Powered by a unique fusion of Active Hydrocarbon, Swiss Snow Algae, Alpine Rose Stem Cells, Edelweiss & Centella Asiatica Extracts, Vitamins C & E, Hyaluronic Acid and amazing Bio-Energy Mineral Complex from semi-precious gemstone – Peridot, this hydrating treatment supports natural circulation and skin`s own repair mechanisms to bring you a significantly younger look in just one application.”

Results? Hydration is the first thing I noticed after I applied the cream. It’s so lovely and feels amazing. It does plump and smooth, but I am still waiting on the firming piece. I probably need to use it for a longer period of time before I see those results.

Overall, this is very good. I’m so pleased with the hydrating factor of this. It’s not cheap, $85, but I do think that it is a very nice mask for a routine. Let me know if you have tried these before!

Lots of love,


Disclaimer: This product was gifted. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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