Henne Organics Review

I was very honored to have been sent these beautiful lip balms and mask for my honest review. (Items gifted)

Henne Organics is a Swedish American brand that brings USDA Certified Organic Ingredients and luxury to your lips in one sweep!

I’ve got to say, these are so beautiful and right up my alley when it comes to packaging, design, branding, etc. It’s simple, elegant and so luxurious.
The actual product itself is soft, nourishing, and feels like cashmere on your lips.  I’m in love with the tinted lip balm in Coral, $21.  It’s the perfect sheer wash of color for the Summer!  Can you tell I love it?  I accidentally left it in my car in the heat!  It’s ok, it still works!

The mask, $37, is so dreamy, thick, and very hydrating.  I apply this at night before bed and wake up with hydrated lips!

The lip balm, $19, is a good “throw in your bag” lip balm.  Easy to apply, no particular scent, simple, and good for this Mom on the go!

Have you tried this brand yet?  I’m really impressed with the formulas and luxe packaging.  Another neat thing is that you can get samples on their website for $3 if you are interested in trying it out!

Thank you so much for sending these over, Henne Organics!

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