Silk Therapeutics Review

Happy Thursday friends! I hope you have had an amazing week! Today, I am excited to bring you a review of the Silk Therapeutics C Advance Anti-Aging Intensive Serum and The Eye Revive Brightening and Firming Eye Cream!

Let’s first start by saying that I was gifted these products in exchange for my honest review.

The product I was most excited to try was the Vitamin C serum. I am a BIG fan of Vitamin C, so this just popped out to me as something I would like to try. It is innovative in the fact that it uses Activated Silk, 10% Vitamin C, and hyaluronic acid. Sounds like a dream!

A little more info about Activated Silk (from website):

“Made from pure silk protein and water, Activated Silk is a scientific breakthrough born from nature, and it can only be found in our skincare.

Activated Silk:

  • Partners with your skin’s collagen to promote a firm, smooth appearance
  • Replaces entire classes of chemicals commonly found in skincare products
  • Enables clinical-grade performance with just 12 ingredients or fewer”
  • Activated Silk Website

Silk Therapeutics doesn’t use parabens, phthalates, or sulfates. They are cruelty and fragrance free. Their founder battled a rare form of Ovarian cancer at 27 and had a difficult time finding products to use for her sensitive skin that were free from harsh chemicals. Thus, Silk Therapeutics was born.

On initial application, this felt so nice. I really felt it tightening the skin, but it didn’t feel like it sunk in. I had trouble with this feeling every time I used it. I was disappointed that it provided a film like feeling. I know it is supposed to tightening, but I also really hoped it would feel like it was in my skin and not on top.

I was reading reviewsabout this just now and many love this! One lady said she was putting it under her eyes, and I thought that was a great idea! I may try that as it has some great ingredients that I would love to see work. I just can’t get past the filmy feeling. Please remember my skin type is on the dry side, so that may have something to do with it as well.

The eye revive brightening and firming cream is soooo interesting. At first I didn’t know what to think, because I opened the jar and it almost reminded me of this gritty texture, but it wasn’t gritty, it was so whipped that it looked that way. It becomes super hydrating once you rub it underneath the eye. I LOVE the way this cream feels. I don’t have terrible undereye problems, but this is perfect for someone who wants to plump and hydrate.

Overall, if I were to recommend one to try, I would try the eye cream. I’ve made a pretty big dent in it, so I am pleased that I have been able to give it an appropriate wear test.

Have y’all tried Silk Therapeutics? I think their ingredients are pretty innovative.

Wishing you all the bright fireflies,


*Products were gifted in exchange for my honest review

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