needles no more Neck Sculpting Cream with GUA SHA Technique by Dr. Brandt Review

I am excited to bring you a review of this neck sculpting cream with GUA SHA technique by Dr. Brandt*.

What is this supposed to do?

This is “an innovative, cutting edge formula with a proven massage technique that shrinks the appearance of fat below the chin to define the neck and jawline for a more sculpted look.” Dr. Brandt PR Insert

What’s in it?

The cream has some great ingredients including pea extract to tighten, sodium hyaluronate for hydration, and CAFFEINE!  YES!

It includes a rose quartz tool that is nicely designed to massage the skin and muscles of the neck.

What do I think?

This is a pretty innovative product – very forward thinking by Dr. Brandt.  I was so excited to receive this, but I was super skeptical… my first impressions were that it was kind of gimmicky, TOTAL honesty here.

I gave it a try though.  I am so glad that I did.  I really enjoy the GUA SHA technique!  It is actually so relaxing.  I carry a lot of stress in my neck (I get migraines frequently) and I feel that this actually helps to alleviate some of that stress. 

The cream is very nice and hydrating.  One draw back is that it feels very sticky after applied.  I would prefer that it sink in and feel tacky.


As for results, for me, it is difficult to tell.  I don’t have terrible neck skin, so I can’t say one way or another if it is helping my skin.  My skin does feel more hydrated and it does remind me to take care of my neck, as it is neglected most of the time in my skincare routine.

Overall, very cool idea, nice product, and it feels incredible.  It $95 for the set, which isn’t cheap.  Let me know what you think or if you have tried this out.

Wishing you all of the bright fireflies,

*kindly gifted by the brand

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