Lovo Organics Skincare Review

Who doesn’t love skincare? I mean, I am always down to treat myself to a good scrub on a Sunday evening. Y’all with me?

I was so excited to learn about a newer brand to me, Lovo Organics. This brand is clean and simple, which I love. All of their products are also 95% organic, vegan, cruelty-free, and environmentally friendly.

They were so kind to send over some products for me to be able to test and try. I am excited to share my thoughts on these products!

Organic Face Scrub: Well, we’ll just start with my favorite of the whole bunch! YES. This is just a beautiful scrub. It’s not to harsh and it has Rose Oil, Walnut Powder, and Watermelon Seed Oil to get all that grime off! It leaves my skin so silky smooth! Retails: $17 USD

Organic Detox Mask: THE COLOR. Yes, it’s probably my second favorite. Talk about a glow! It has Matcha and Blueberry extract as well as Blue Spirulina. It’s beautiful and creates amazing results. In love. Retails: $18 USD

Organic Facial Serum: This is a nice, almost oil -like serum (made with Argan, Camomile and Jojoba oils). I am liking an oil in the evenings, so I will put this on after my moisturizer. Very nice for a hydrating oil. Retails: $21 USD

Organic Face Cream: Need a daytime moisturizer? This is it. It is a very pleasant consistency, not too thick. It also doesn’t pill and it sinks in well. I need something a little more hydrating at night, but during the day, this is very good. Retails: $19 USD

Organic Cleanser (not pictured): FAB. It foams, but it doesn’t dry out my skin!!! It does take off makeup, but I prefer to use it as a second cleanse. I will definitely purchase this – it is almost out!!!!! Retails: $16 USD

Overall thoughts – wow! I really think that this brand is effective and simple. I love the packaging and also that their mission is to “Heal the World.” 20% of all proceeds go to animals in need as well!

I do think that this is super affordable too for the ingredients and amount that you are getting in each product.

Have you tried this brand? I really enjoy trying brands that are new to me.

Wishing you all the bright fireflies,


*Disclaimer: Items gifted. All opinions and thoughts are my own honest review.

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