Nail Polish Colors for a Confident, Classy Lady

I have never really been a nail polish girl… until… now.

I love having my nails painted, but honestly, I don’t like doing them. I usually do them myself, because with two kids, I never really prioritize the time to go get them done every two weeks or so.

Personally, I think polished nails are your way to a clean, polished look. It’s classy and fabulous, of course! In all seriousness, I feel more confident and put together when they look nice.

Top Left: Vintage Tee, Bottom Center: Back To Life Recover Right: Bright Street

So, what colors?! Ah, I’m a neutral girl at heart. It is classy and matches almost any outfit that you will put on! Plus, it also meets most dress codes for those who work in a corporate environment.

A nice white, pale pink, or pale nude is perfect. I really love the NAILS INC. brand. I first heard about this brand while I was at C.O. Bigelow in NYC. It was highly recommended, so I knew I had to try! The Back to Life Recovery shade is a treatment, but I also love to wear it alone. The illuminator, Bright Street, can be worn alone as well! It is so gorgeous!

The Essie Gel Couture range is also very nice. I find that both are very easy to apply (great brush applicators) and the dry time is so much faster! I am very impatient when it comes to painting my nails, so I need something that dries fast! I do find that the Essie Gel lasts a bit longer due to the gel formula, but both are great!

Do you have a favorite nail polish or nail color? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Wishing you all the bright fireflies,


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