Brands I Want to Try in 2019

There are so many brands out there now a days! It’s so fun to try different brands, see what they are all about, and discover new favorites along the way!

Here are some of the brands I want to try or discover more from in 2019! (Notice I said some… :))

Kjaer Weis

This brand has been on my radar for a while. It’s high-end, beautiful, and ORGANIC.

Kjaer Weis Sun Touched

This blush is totally me, and it is available in SO many beautiful shades! They also have the sweetest names such as Abundance, Happy, Joyful, Lovely, Reverence, etc.

There are other items such as the mascara that I’m eyeing and the foundation. I can’t wait to try!

Youth To The People

This brand really intrigues me. They have so many products that I haven’t tried such as a new mask that just came out!

It is the Superberry Hydrate + Glow Dream Mask… and it LOOKS INCREDIBLE! It has Vitamin C, squalene, maqui… mmmhhhh….

The other product that I am super interested in from this brand is the KALE+SPINACH GREEN TEA HYALURONIC ACID Cream ($48). It is vegan and has some awesome superfood ingredients!

So many items are on my wishlist!!!


Oh you know I love this brand, but I really want to dig in and try more! I think that it is just the most beautiful brand with amazing products. They just came out with this beautiful Youth Revolution Radiance Concentrator ($250.00, whew, I know, I know)!

This contains a precious white peony that assists in skin firmness and reducing signs of aging!

I’m also interested in the Lip Serum and the Essential Crème Fluid.

Flower Beauty

There is so much hype around this brand, I just need to try it for myself! I hear that the blush is really good!!!


Everyone raves about this balm! I really need to give it a try. I haven’t tried anything from this brand yet, but it is totally on my radar!

Sydney Grace

Oh, I’ve been “eyeing” (no pun intended), this brand for a while now. I am so excited to try these shadows at some point this year. She makes the most beautiful shades, and I hear that they are gorgeous to apply and buttery!

These seem so beautiful and I cannot wait to try them!

Thrive Causemetics

I’ve talked about this brand some and have tried the bronzer, blush and mascara! They are fantastic! I am really interested in the Buildable Blur CC Cream!

I love the cause of Thrive Causemetics (Beauty with a Purpose) and their founder is such a Girl Boss who seems to have a beautiful heart!

Those are just some of the brands that I’m interested in at this time and that have really caught my eye. It’s so fun to hear what brands you all are interested in. Let me know in the comments below!

Wishing you all the bright fireflies,


Disclaimer: Affiliate links included which means that at no charge to you, I make a small commission from a purchase if the link is utilized.

One response to “Brands I Want to Try in 2019”

  1. Wow! The KW blush looks amazing and can we just admire the packaging?! I’m a total sucker for packaging! Thanks for making this list! I want to try out different brand as well and I think imma look into KW


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