The Only Neutral Pink Lip Gloss You Need

Ok, this is a pretty intense title, but definitely for GOOD REASON. It is so true.

It’s no secret that Chanel’s lip gloss formula is one of the best around. It’s plumping and gives your lips a juicy look. I just think it is fab.

This shade (96), however, is just the best neutral pink lip gloss. It gives the lips a gorgeous shine. You can wear it alone or on top of any color lipstick and you are set. It looks like they may have relabeled this shade because shade 744 Subtil looks exactly the same. There isn’t a number 96 anymore, which confused me.

Does it wear for a while? You bet. Like any lipgloss, it does wear off, but this one does wear for hours and is very easy to reapply with the doefoot applicator!

It is also thicker in consistency and super hydrating. I’m telling ya – it is a good one.

The color is so beautiful too. It’s universally flattering because it doesn’t go on super pink… it’s like a pretty enhancement to your natural lip color.

Do you have a favorite lip gloss? Have you tried this one?

I am wearing it in my last YouTube video, which I will link below for you to see! Hope you are having a fabulous Monday!

Wishing you all the bright fireflies,


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