My Favorite Moisturizer in 2018 – Pestle and Mortar Hydrate

2019 is HERE! I am so excited about the new year and cannot wait to bring you the best content yet!

Today, I am sharing with you my favorite moisturizer from 2018. It was a close one, because there were a few that I really liked, but this one stood out to me and made it the best one yet!

What is it?

It is Pestle and Mortar’s HYDRATE moisturizer.


Pestle and Mortar is an family-made and run skincare company founded by a mother of 5, Sonia Deasy, who needed something simple and effective (Boy, can I relate!). Sonia’s philosophy is “less is more” and wanted to create something “healthy and hydrating.”

They also care about the ingredients that are used in their products. All of the products pass the strict European skincare standard, which is really cool!

Pestle and Mortar is 100% cruelty free, bans over 3000 harmful ingredients and is 100% vegan.


So, out of all of the moisturizers out there right now, why is this “the one” to talk about? So many reasons! Let’s talk about them below:

  • The Ingredients: this is formulated with AMAZING ingredients such as jojoba and squalene, green tea, Vitamin E, and my favorite, the mixture of patented peptides!!!
  • Peptides: This HYDRATE formula has a Tri- and Tetrapeptide technology. What do they do? They “help stimulate collagen production, restoring skin’s firmness and elasticity.” (
  • Packaging: This packaging is my favorite. It is air-tight. It is more hygienic. It’s easy, easy to travel with, easy to pick up with a brush, if you’d like, just so easy.
  • Effectiveness: It works. Hands down. My face is hydrated without any stickiness or heavy, weighed down feeling. It isn’t oily either and it doesn’t break me out! It doesn’t leave me needing more either. Whoop! It gets the job done. Period.

There are so many reasons why I like this product. It’s already in my cart for a backup. It is up there in price at $74 for 50mL, but I believe the price is competitive within the industry.

I was gifted this, but I’m purchasing a full size. It’s something that I can wear in every season, a little goes a long way, and I adore the formula and “simple and effective” motto.

Do you have a favorite moisturizer? What are you loving?

Wishing you all the bright fireflies,


*product gifted, all opinions are my own, affiliate links included

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