On My Face Today

On my face today…

I decided to try the very hyped D-Bronzi from @drunkelephant … I have only used it a couple of times so far.  This stuff is super pigmented, so I learned the first time!  My face looked like a bronzy mess!  It’s ok though!  This time around I used a quarter of what I did the first time and it looked so much better!  It blended well and my foundation sat on top of it well too.  I didn’t have pilling or anything, so that is a plus!

Second, I HAD to get the Hourglass Vanish Stick Foundation.  I mean, it is GORGEOUS.  The coverage is a bit more than what I normally wear, and I like it.  It’s super skin-like and its super soft!

Bobbi Brown just makes amazing eyeshadows, don’t they?  This sparkle is beautiful for day and night! I’m a big fan!

Last, but not least, I set my makeup with this very fine Hourglass powder.  I’m not a powder girl.  I tend to not use it a ton, but I do find that it does extend the wear of my makeup.  I just spritz a bit of setting spray on top to prevent any powdered finish that I don’t want.-What are your thoughts on these products?  Are you in love with any?

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