My Workout Gear for Run and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

I’m so excited to share with you some of the items that I have been loving for my workouts.  I asked if you all would like to see some fashion and what I wear on the daily on Instagram.  I got an overwhelming YES!  I’m pretty flattered, because I consider myself just a normal, working Momma of two who is just trying to drink enough water, eat healthy, workout, spend quality time with her husband, kiddos, family, etc.! (HAHA)  I think we are all are trying to juggle and keep all those balls in the air!

Anywho!  This is all about the workout gear I am REALLY liking.  Some of the items I am loving are still on SALE for Black Friday, too! (no ADs, just what I actually bought and LOVE, affiliates are included)

Ok, let’s do this.

Sports Bra

First up, you have to have a good sports bra.  Let’s just talk sports bras for a moment.  I’m smaller chested, so for me, I want something that covers and is supportive, but ultimately, doesn’t chaff.  That’s the ultimate worst.

This one is the one from Athleta that I am absolutely LOVING.  It’s soft, very comfy, supports, and is SUPER cute! The bra is well made and retails at $49, but during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, everything is 20% off on their website.  Yes!


Next, we need good leggings.  Not any old pair of leggings though.  I’m very particular.  I am shorter, so I can’t have them too long, they can’t ride up, and they need to make my butt look good.  I’m serious.  There are so many leggings out there that can accentuate features that maybe you don’t want to… but there is also design and technology to make you LOOK good while you perform.  Just saying that you don’t have to necessarily compromise performance for something that is also flattering.

Can I be super honest?  I LOVED Lululemon leggings, but they discontinued my absolute favorites.  I know, right.  Why do they do that?  I’ve tried the Nulux material and its just not the same.  So, I went looking for others and I found a few I’m liking!

Sweaty Beatty.  Oh my.  This brand is LUXE.  The materials are beautiful, hold you in, and are breathable.   Downside?  Goodness, it is expensive.  Sometimes they have sales, sometimes.  Right now they are having 30% off their entire site, which is a plus, because these leggings are some of the BEST leggings I have ever owned.

These are the two pairs I have from Sweaty Betty!  The Beetle Blue Bloom print (flower print) is so beautiful and different!  I also the printed black ones (Power 7/8 Leggings) in a standard black, because honestly, that is really all you need.

I just purchased these from Athleta.  I tried them on and they are AWESOME.  I haven’t worked out in them yet, but the material is soft, but structured.  Don’t be afraid of the horizontal stripes.  They also have stripes in different places and they are super flattering on!


I’m not as picky about tops, but here are a few I’ve been really enjoying.  Nike has this awesome long-sleeve one here.  I also love these from Lululemon (here and here).


Ok, so this is my first year really running outside in the cold.  I picked up a couple of jackets to wear.  I found this one on sale at Athleta and I’m so excited.  It’s fitted but also moves with you.

I got mine in this pretty white.  Size up though, they run small.

This one from Lululemon is so nice too.  I only need something lightweight on the NC coast, but I did buy some gloves just in case I freeze!


I have a couple pair of running shoes that I alternate.  I like Brooks and Nike.

These are the Brooks I have worn for a couple of years now.  I ran a half in Brooks and they were great!  This style is supportive while not being super heavy (I can’t stand wearing lead shoes! hehe)  Plus, they usually have an array of colors to choose from, which is a bonus!

The Nike are fairly new to me, but they are so light and soft.  I like that they have support too, and they are on sale!  I had to size up, which I usually do.  No one wants to loose a toenail! (I know, gross, but it happens!)


OHHH!  One more thing.  These headbands are lifesavers!

So I think that wraps up my workout gear!  I hope this is helpful for those who are just starting out or seasoned fitness stars!  Let me know in the comments what you love and what works for you.  I’m always wanting to learn!

Wishing you all the bright fireflies!



Disclaimer: Affiliate links are used throughout this site.  This post is not sponsored in any way.

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