Bobbi Brown Luxe Lips

If you don’t know by now, Bobbi Brown is one of my favorites brands.  I love the classic style and beautiful, natural vibes.  Did you know I wore Bobbi Brown on my wedding day?  Brownie was also my first “luxe” lipstick!
Years later, I’m still such a big fan.  I love their colors and formulas.  Their bases are ones that I go back to over and over again.  My favorites are the Skin Foundation (fresh and dewy) and Skin Long Wear Weightless Foundation (more matte).
Brownie is still one of my favorite shades!  Eyeshadows are staples for my go-to work makeup look!  Oh, and do you need a good, matte, natural bronzer?  Look no further!
Their new release of Luxe Liquid Lip Matte and High Shine* are no different.  My expectations were high, and of course, they exceeded!
Let’s talk about both formulas!

Luxe Liquid Lip Matte

This is a comfortable soft velvety matte texture.  It doesn’t take a lot to get some color.  The very precise doe foot applicator is easy to use.  It dries down fast.  It also is long-wearing!  A little may transfer to a straw or something, but other than that, these are here to stay.  Reapplying is so easy.  Yes, you need a mirror, but it glides right on over color.  The colors Double Bare is a perfect nude and Blood Orange is a beautiful orange/red!

Luxe Liquid Lip High Shine

A beautiful glossy finish that actually wears really well!  It’s glossy, so it will transfer some, but this color stays! I really like the finish, and this color, Red the News, is a GORGEOUS blue/red shade!  It makes me feel pretty awesome!
Let’s just say, my love for the brand is real.  And with these new #luxelip formulas, Bobbi Brown never ceases to amaze me!
Have you tried these before?
Wishing you all the bright fireflies,
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