A Makeup Bag for Travel

Do you travel a lot?  What do you use hold all those beauty products?

I would take my whole bathroom if I could, but let’s be real, not all of that will get on a carry-on or is practical to take on a weekend getaway!

I try to take the essentials in a practical bag.  It’s a great time to take some samples and also take those tried and true, especially if it is a work trip!

Boacay was so kind to send me this new bag of theirs.  It’s practical, carries a TON of stuff!  Did I mention it is water-resistant too?  I chose this nice grey color, but they have others such as black and pink!

This bag has so many compartments and little holders for all of the things you need when traveling!  I love that there are zippers and holders for brushes.  Also, I can fit smaller items such as my bronzer in the top pockets so that they are moving around.  That’s a good way to break a great bronzer!

There is also a hook where you can hang it on the back of the bathroom door or the closet.  It’s practical, great for travel, and a good size.

Boacay asked me for suggestions for improvement for the products, and I was so pleased that they wanted constructive feedback to make it the best product that it could be!  WOW.

I did have some feedback for them.  You could definitely use this on a plane if you check a bag.  However, you have to carry items in a clear container if you are carrying-on a bag.  I suggested that it would be neat to have a clear bag for that purpose.  There aren’t too many clear bags that are versatile like this on the market, so this would be amazing if they are able to develop something like that!

What cosmetic bag do you use for travel?  Do you have a tried and true bag?  I would love to hear!

Thank you for Boacay for sending me this bag for review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own!

Wishing you all the bright fireflies,


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