California Mango Review

California Mango has created hand and body products since 1986.   Their products are formulated with natural ingredients such as mango (of course!), acai, aloe, almond, coconut, comfrey, goji, grape, jojoba, papaya, sea kelp, pomegranate, vitamin E, and more!  After learning more about the company, I also learned that mango itself is a great hydrator and is rich in essential fatty acids!  Sounds incredible, right?!

I was so excited when California Mango reached out and asked me to review their products!  They sent over some goodies for me to try!

They specialize in various types of creams for hydration.  I was also able to try the cuticle oil and lip balm with SPF.

Mango Extreme Crème

This is by far my favorite crème and I will be purchasing a big, full-size pump of this.  It’s hydrating and soothing, smells amazing, but isn’t greasy!  It sinks in within a few minutes and doesn’t leave a film.  I’m super impressed with this crème!  It smells like mangos, but it isn’t a fake smell or overpowering.  Just enough…

Mango Mend Dry Skin Balm

This is a super thick balm that is best for night time.  I apply it before I go to bed and it has been fantastic!  Very hydrating and a little goes a long way!

Body Butter

This is a thick cream that is very nice.  I prefer the extreme crème over this one just because I like the texture better.  I think you would like this if you love body butters.

Lip Balm

This lip balm smells like mangos and is very nourishing.  I love how it wears.  I wore it out by the pool a couple of times last week and it really protects since it has SPF in it!  No sunburned lips here!  Highly recommend if you are looking for a lip balm with SPF!

Mango Hand & Body Lotion

Oh, this is a handbag staple.  I’m excited to have a new hand lotion that doesn’t make my hands greasy.  I have very dry hands to begin with, so I have to always keep lotion in my bag.  So good!

Mango Magic Cuticle Oil

Ok, I’m going to be super honest.  I have used cuticle oil before, but not on the regular.  Honestly, I really needed this.  It may be extra, but I deal with hang nails and dry cuticles and I didn’t know what a difference a cuticle oil would make!  I enjoy using this one.  It’s hydrating and easy to use.

I hope you enjoyed learning more about California Mango if you haven’t heard of the brand before.  I loved being able to try these out and see how they worked.  It’s fun to find new brands!

Wishing you all the bright fireflies,


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