Mascara Monday – Glossier Lash Slick Review

Mascara Monday on Justglowfirefly features the brand new Lash Slick Film Form Mascara from Glossier.

What did I try today?

Glossier Lash Slick Film Form Mascara In Black


This mascara is brand new and very popular on Instagram right now.  It’s a very hyped product on social media and any new release from Glossier tends to get lots of praise.  I am here to put this to the test to see if it lives up to the hype!

It is $16 and can be found on

What it is supposed to do

This is supposed to be “the perfect everyday mascara.” (

It is supposed to lengthen and lock them into place.  Enhancing the natural lash is the idea behind this new mascara.

Interestingly enough, this mascara is formed with fibers that coat your lashes, which I am sometimes not a big fan of because of the flaking.

The Wand

I’ve been stepping out of my comfort zone recently with these Mascara Mondays.  Trying new mascara wands has actually been fun!  I usually like the big fluffy curved wands the best, but I’ve found others that I’ve enjoyed as well.

This one is very fun!  It isn’t too hard, doesn’t poke you in the eye, and lifts and separates every eyelash.  This is one of the most separating wands I’ve tried.  I can literally coat almost every lash with this one.  I really like it!

Application and Formula

This one was good.  It really lengthens and separates. My eyelashes were long and defined, but not spidery.  It went on well, no clumping, and it dried down fast.  You have to work with it quickly if you want to build it up.

The formula is a great consistency. It isn’t too thin where it gets everywhere.  I really liked using this.

Real Life Wear

Oh, y’all…

This wore beautifully.  Honestly, I was super skeptical of trying this at first.  I felt like since it was so hyped up that I was going to be disappointed.  It didn’t smudge, and the fibers didn’t flake in my eyes, which I loved!


Easy Peasy

So simple to remove.  I probably could have removed it with water and it would have been fine.  I used a normal cleanser to remove it in the shower and it was great!  It came off in clumps, like a normal fiber mascara would, but it didn’t flake in my eyes or irritate them.

Overall Thoughts

So far so good!  This one surpassed my expectations.  You aren’t going to get a ton of volume with this one, but that isn’t what it is meant to do.  It is meant to lengthen, so that’s what you are going to get.  Loved the wear, didn’t smudge, and first impressions were great!  It was also a great value!

If I were to rate it, it would get a 4.9 out of 5.  It’s really good, but I think that I would have loved a curved brush with this!


Check out my Instagram page (@justglowfirefly) where you can enter to win one of these!


Wishing you all the bright fireflies,


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