Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Brows Review

Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Brows Review

Charlotte Tilbury has developed a beautiful brand.  I want to try everything in her line.  This is one of the items I hear about all over social media that I knew I had to try.  The Legendary Brows in Bridgett is a product I picked up to try, and I’m excited to share my thoughts with you!

Design and Packaging

This particular product has the SMALLEST brush and I LOVE IT.  I like that the wand is longer for adequate control and the brush itself is small with short, stiff bristles to comb through all those pesky eyebrow hairs that go awry.


I did, however, buy the wrong shade.  The shade Bridgett is definitely for blondes and red hair (read the website, Jenn)… mine is brown.  I guess I thought that it would be like a pencil or something, where you would build up the color, but that isn’t the case. This really gets in the hairs and provides more of a nice definition of color.  This works for me, but I definitely will buy a darker shade the next go-around.

Overall thoughts

Whoops, I just spoiled my final verdict of this product.  Yes, I would and will repurchase this.  The product packaging design is what does it for me.  It works, it lasts, and besides my fault of picking the wrong color, it is flattering and keeps those brows looking legendary!

Have you tried this product?

Wishing you all the bright fireflies,



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