Viseart Sultry Muse Eyeshadow Palette Swatches and First Impressions/Review

Viseart Sultry Muse ($80/0.84oz/12 shades)… I saw it online at Cult Beauty and it was a must have…

This beautiful 12 shade, high-shimmer palette is a great Spring time eyeshadow palette with neutral, warm shades.  All shades are a satin finish (as described), but many of these do have a sparkle to them.  Personally, I love anything with sparkle.


Let’s talk about the formula.  It is buttery in texture, pigmented, and very finely milled powders with minimal fallout.  There is, of course, fallout with the shimmer, but I didn’t mind.  It wasn’t anything I couldn’t sweep away.  The colors are great neutrals to complement any daytime look, which I prefer.



You can see that swatches are shown above.  These swatched beautifully… only one swipe needed.


The application to the lid is different.  Many of these are more shear, as expected, on the lid, but they allow for a flawless blend or very pretty sparkle topper.  You can use this palette by itself, but I do prefer a matte transition shade to deepen the shape of my eyes before using sparkles/shimmers.

I only used this palette for a look I created and wore it all day.  I didn’t use an eyeshadow primer, which I probably should have used, because I have really oily eyelids.  It wore off after 6 hours of wear, but that is my fault for not applying an eyeshadow primer underneath.  Still, 6 hours of wear isn’t bad for these oily eyelids!

The sparkles were very pretty.  It was a great daytime look that anyone could wear.  My first impressions are good and I am excited to try it out more.


Ah, the packaging.  Ok.  Here it goes.  I am being fully transparent here.

I’m not very impressed.  I expected more for $80.  Yes, I know the product is what you are really paying for, but to me, the packaging is part of the product.  I understand that it is most likely marketed towards makeup artists, but this is just my honest opinion.

My first reason why I’m not keen on the packaging…it came broken… (see pic below)


I contacted Cult Beauty and they asked me to glue the pans back in since they weren’t damaged/broken for a 20% return.  At first, I was confused and honestly upset.  I paid approximately $80 for this palette (I did have a small discount code that Cult Beauty was offering at the time), and it was a difficult ask since it cost so much money.

For me, it wasn’t worth the hassle to return it overseas to Cult Beauty and wait for it to go through for return. Yes, it was an inconvenience for me to have to glue the pans back in (as you can see some of the glue in the pictures), but the pans were intact and usable.

Did I expect more of Cult Beauty? Yes, I did.  I can’t say I didn’t. I would be lying to you. I was disappointed.  I told them I was disappointed.  I see both sides.  It most likely wasn’t their fault for the damage.  Things happen.  However, I expected to receive a undamaged product for approximately $80. In efforts to accommodate, they provided a discount code for 15% off for my next purchase…

I also don’t feel as though the palette is sturdy enough to travel with.  I can see that the product could break easily due to the soft formulation.  I like the idea of minimalist packaging, but I do want it to be sturdy enough to travel with and protect the product inside.

There isn’t a mirror.  It would be more convenient to have a mirror with this compact.

Overall Review:

This is a beautiful palette with a very nice formulation.  The eyeshadows are buttery in texture and blend flawlessly.

Do I love it?  Yes.

Would I buy another one?  I don’t know… maybe, maybe not…

Am I glad I bought the one I did?  Yes.

I love the colors and think that they are great for everyday use.  The packaging, for me, could be improved.


Wishing you all the bright fireflies,




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