Deciem: Niod Haul


Have you ever had a package delivered to your door that you were so excited about?  This is one of those for me!  My order was delayed some due to inclement weather, so I was super pumped when it finally arrived!


The Abnormal Beauty Company, otherwise known as Deciem, is one of the most highly talked about companies that is shaking up the beauty industry.  Deciem has ten or more different brands (one of the most famous of them is The Ordinary) that encompass the company itself.  The focus is primarily on skincare, allowing the customer to mix and match various products to tailor his or her skincare routine to their desired needs.  It’s pretty different and innovative.

You can pick and choose whatever you would like to mix from the different brands on the website.  You only have to check out once, which makes it so much easier.  My particular haul was from only one of Deciem’s brands called Niod.


I decided to give Niod a go, because I had heard rave reviews about many of the products.  I tried products from The Ordinary and loved them, so I thought, why not try these too?


Here’s a round-up of the items I purchased:

  1. Flavanone Mud
  2. Superoxide Dismutase Saccharide Mist
  3. Survival 0
  4. Multi-Molecular Hyaluronic Complex
  5. Spoon (for the mud, of course!)

Detailed information about the various products can be found via the links above.  There is so much that goes into creating these products that I would definitely not do it justice by trying to explain it in a couple of bullet points.

I have tried each product once.  I really like them all so far.  I, of course, will definitely keep you updated on my thoughts and the progress of my skin.  I am excited to see how they work out.

Have you tried any products from Deciem?  What are your favorites that I should try?

Wishing you all the bright fireflies,


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