Tarte Blush Bazaar, Buried Treasure Eye Palette, and Tinsel Lip Paint

Tarte… you got me. It’s all your fault. You had me at sale and I caved!

This Tarte haul is one I am very excited about sharing with you!


Tarte Haul

It was just another ordinary night while I was scrolling through my emails, and I was notified of a sale.  Like I said, it got me.  I had been eyeing this blush palette for some time and it finally went on sale! I told myself, “You can’t pass this one up!”  So, I took it upon myself to make sure I didn’t… hence, Tarte Haul.


Tarte Blush Bazaar, Buried Treasure Eye Palette, and Tinsel Lip Gloss

Tarte Blush Bazaar

This blush palette comes with 8 blushes.  I love the versatility of the colors.  You can really wear them all year long.  These blushes are powder based and very soft.  The pigmentation is great!  There are two lighter shades that have a shimmer to them and the rest are matte.  I would say this is a great way to trial Tarte blushes if you are looking for the perfect shade!

Tarte Buried Treasure Eye Palette

I love a good eyeshadow palette.  I also love anything that sparkles.  Thus, I had to get this palette!  These are so much better in person than the pictures depict.  I find it interesting that some are larger than others.  I don’t know how I feel about that.  I mean, it is a neat design, but I guess there are positives and negatives to having them all the same size or like they designed it. I’ve swatched the colors below.


Bottom to Top: Skipper, Snorkel, Booty, Plank, Dive, Fin, Coconut, Nauti, Coin, Palm

These are really pretty.  There are a couple of shades, Booty and Plank, that didn’t swatch very well.  I am curious though how these will look on the eyes.  Sometimes those colors may not look great swatched, but they look beautiful on!  Sometimes not…

Tarte Tinsel Lip Paint

This one was a surprise purchase for me.  I usually don’t go for very sparkly lip gloss, but I thought I would give this one a try.  The packaging is too much for me, personally, but it isn’t a biggie.  This gloss has a rose gold finish and compliments the shadows perfectly.  It doesn’t take much to make your lips shine!

That’s my Tarte haul for you!  Hope you enjoyed!

Wishing you all the bright fireflies,


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