Top 3 Websites for Skincare and Makeup

If you don’t know by now, I am here to tell you, skincare and makeup are my thing.  I enjoy learning about various products, researching ingredients, and best of all, finding the best places to purchase those “Holy Grail” items.

Today, we are going to talk about my TOP 3 websites for purchasing skincare and makeup.

#3 Blue Mercury


I really enjoy shopping on Blue Mercury’s website.  They have different types of brands such as Darphin, Lune + Astor, and M-61 Skincare.  You can also get samples with your order and free gifts with purchases.  

One drawback – many times I look online and they are out of stock in many items, which can be a bit frustrating when you are looking for that one specific item.

#2 – Sephora


Who doesn’t love Sephora?  They always have the up and coming brands and those that are “in” right now.  The app is great to virtually “try on” colors or see what’s new.  There really isn’t anything I don’t like.  I do, however, wish they carried some different types of skincare lines that are more up and coming.

#1 – Cult Beauty


Coming in at #1 is Cult Beauty.  I am in love with everything on this website.  Cult Beauty is a UK beauty website that carries many different types of brands, including some that you cannot buy here in the States. Some of my favorite brands include Oskia, AlphaH, January Labs, and African Botanics.  They also have free worldwide shipping with 40 pounds, which is AWESOME.

Those are the top 3 for me.  What are yours?

Wishing you all the bright fireflies,





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